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Creating a Brighter Future...

Preparing for the brightest future, NursingsCool is pioneering the field of nursing education through dedication and commitment to our students’ future success, without being founded on the motive of monetary growth.


We offer a free educational experience designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement, all while saving you valuable time in the process.


We welcome all nurses, from any avenue...all the way from making that first step and signing up for pre-requisites...to the nurses that have gone on the pursue Master's level degrees.

About Us!

"My husband and I completed our RN degrees together and are now working in our DREAM jobs right out of school. My husband was lucky enough to be selected for an ICU - New Grad position and I was able to get the job I'd wanted since my first pre-req class... working in the OR"

"We went through the struggle that is nursing school and realized, almost from the beginning, that there was a problem...the price of all the resources that a lot in nursing school students can't afford. My wife and I were just unable to afford the "cheat-sheets" and online programs that seemed to help make school a little bit easier for those that could.."

"While there is a ton of material to print and study, most of them are out of the normal nursing student's budget (at least in our case). We wanted to create something that would be affordable to everyone who needed it. So as of right now, and forever, this site will always be free and will grow with content slowly. We may in the future charge for the printable sheets and materials that we personally take the time to create, but again the goal is affordability and hopefully giving each student more time to study.."

"With all that said, we wanted to create something targeted towards students, NCLEX, and the rest of the healthcare spectrum eventually, as we all move to different workspaces and learning needs. We hope to eventually have the largest, and most affordable educational platform anywhere on the internet for nurses, and we will get there eventually with all of your love and support."

How you can help!

Give us feedback!  We know what helped us in school, but we want a little bit for everyone. There is a shortage of nurses that only continues to grow so let us know what would help you!

While this site's content is free to access, it is not free to run it. If you would like to donate monetarily, you can click the link below to do so. Anything donated is appreciated more than you know, so thank you in advance!

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