Our overall goal for this site is to have an easy to use, and "nursing student affordable" resource that allows current and future nurses to provide the safest and most educational care possible, regardless of ability to pay.

We all know how expensive our books are, how much a stethoscope is, and how much it costs us to sit in a class for 8 hours and have a PowerPoint read to us.

We know because we've done it, and some of us are still doing it. We hope for this site to grow into THE educational resource platform throughout the nursing field, from LVN/LPN to APRN and DNP.
This site hopefully will grow into a place where you can learn or refresh nursing material, such as anatomy and physiology, disease processes, medication "MUST KNOWS," physical assessment skills, and more!

Our goal

in other words...FREE!

Who we are...

NursingsCool.com looks to be the number one educational reference tool for aspiring nurses, as well as those that have been practicing for years. The number one priority of this website is to provide AFFORDABLE nursing resources and education, which is why a large portion of the site is free. Digital goods may have some cost association, i.e. A pathomap over Addison's Disease might cost 1.00. There is a strict no refund policy due to the nature of a digital good purchase.