Are you thinking about becoming a Nurse?

Well...before you do, let's talk...


Are you Ready?

You've probably been asked this before, by many people. 

"Are you ready for nursing school?"

​While there are a few of you who may be close to being ready,
NO ONE​ is ever 100%.

That's where we come in!

Nursing School is TOUGH!

I know you have also heard this many times before...

"Nursing School is hard...but if you can pass, it's extremely rewarding.."

While there is a lot of hype about how hard nursing school is, there is one problem that is overlooked most of the time that could help so many people, but most find out too late...and that is HOW TO STUDY!


If you haven't started nursing school yet, keep scrolling


Already started school and ready to learn?

There are a few things that need to happen first!


First, you need to take a deep, deep look into WHY you want to be a nurse. If money is your only reason...TURN BACK NOW!

Your "Why Nursing?" reason needs to be something greater than for yourself...

a need to help others, a way for you to provide better for your family, something.

While nursing does have the ability to provide well for you and your family, it shouldn't be your driving force.


Have you got your "Why Nursing?"

Now that you know why you want to be a nurse, lest's focus on the "How?"


While nursing is rewarding in many aspects, nursing school is not free. Tho some may be able to pay out-of-pocket completely, some may need a little help.


There are many resources for those that qualify such as FAFSA, school work-study programs, scholarships, and even some state Workforce programs and that will pay you to go to school.


Be sure to thoroughly check into every nook and cranny for those pennies. If you can get the "free" money to help with school, it is that much less you have to worry about! looks to be the number one educational reference tool for aspiring nurses, as well as those that have been practicing for years. The number one priority of this website is to provide AFFORDABLE nursing resources and education, which is why a large portion of the site is free. Digital goods may have some cost association, i.e. A pathomap over Addison's Disease might cost 1.00. There is a strict no refund policy due to the nature of a digital good purchase.